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About us

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Who we are?

We started Omni because we wanted to make prepayment and PAYG energy better. Prepayment customers in the UK have always suffered at the hands of the big suppliers – paying more for their energy, experiencing inefficient and poor customer service with no means to manage their account. All backed by dirty energy.

It was time for us to fix it and to make prepayment and PAYG energy better for our customers and the environment. We have fair transparent prices that reflect the wholesale cost of energy. We pass on savings to you, and only ever increase prices when we really have to.

We give you control of your energy supply meaning there are no tie ins. We want you to stay with Omni because you want to not because you have to. We have a commitment to green energy, and we are targeting 100% green electricity.

Prepayment made simple, saving you time and money.

We provide affordable, green energy backed by great service and put you in control of your energy, anytime, anywhere via our app.

Better Prepayment and PAYG.
We make prepayment and PAYG energy better and simpler for our customers. We invest in technology to bring prepayment into the modern era, making your lives simpler and better.

We invest in technology and focus on costs, so our energy is affordable and help you save money. We have a single tariff, so everyone is always on the best deal. No need to worry about switching your tariff.

Renewable energy as standard. No need to worry about where your energy is coming from, we offer renewable energy as standard on all our tariffs. And we’re no more expensive than our competitors non green tariffs.