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new customer information

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We do not wipe existing credit on your meter

Don’t worry any existing credit loaded onto your meter will remain after your switch date.

Top up device

Your new top up device will be sent to you so that it arrives on or before your switch date. Please activate it in the meter on your switch date as this will ensure that you are on the Omni Energy tariff.

If your top up device does not arrive

Don't worry if you do not receive it as you can continue to use your existing top device. If it does not arrive by the day after your switch date please visit our help center.

Supplying a meter read

Do you top up weekly? You do not need to do anything else as we will receive your opening meter reading from your top up device. If you do not top up weekly It is time for you to provide your opening meter read. You can find out how to read your meter in our Help Centre.

Let your credit run down before you switch

Before your switch, let your credit run down. This will allow you to top up after your switch date and benefit from the Omni prices.