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Your energy supply is moving to Utilita Energy.

It’s with sadness that we have to inform you that we are closing for business. 2021 has been a particularly challenging year in the energy industry and unfortunately, we’ve been unable to weather the storm. Therefore, Ofgem (the energy regulator) has asked Utilita Energy to step in and look after you.

On 7 November 2021 Ofgem transferred the Company’s customers to Utilita Energy Limited as part of the Supplier of Last Resort (“SoLR”) regulated process. Energy supplies have remained secure throughout this process, with Utilita Energy Limited supplying energy to all customers from this date. The Company ceased supply of energy from 7 November 2021.

Following completion of the Ofgem regulatory process, on 11 November 2021 Dsi Business Recovery were appointed as Administrators to the Company.

Don’t worry - there’ll be no interruption to your energy supply and there’s nothing for you to do. We will work with Utilita to ensure the smooth transfer of your account. If you’re a Pay As You Go customer, you can continue using your Omni top-up key/card to top-up as normal. If you are worried about the transfer process then we advise you to top up your meter as normal, record your metering reading and take a photo of the credit screen on your meter on the day of the transfer and prior to inserting any new topup device into your meter.

Utilita will get in touch with you soon with more information about the transfer.

If you have any other questions about your move to Utilita, you can visit their website at , contact them via email on or call them on 0330 058 3392.

We’ll continue working with Utilita to transfer your account across and would like to thank you for being an Omni Energy customer.

Support and advice is available on the Ofgem website for both domestic customers and non-domestic customers . Alternatively, if customers need additional support in England and Wales, they can call Citizens Advice on 0808 223 1133 or email them via their webform. In Scotland, they can contact Advice Direct Scotland on 0808 196 8660 or email them via their webform. Advice will also be shared on Ofgem’s twitter @ofgem and facebook channels.

Thank you, Omni Energy